Mentor Information

Role of the Career and Technical Education Campus-Based Mentor

A Mentor is:

• An experienced teacher or educator who is willing and able to guide and support an intern on a personal journey to become an excellent CTE teacher.

• A Role model, Advisor, Colleague, Guide, Sponsor, Resource.

Expectations of a CTE Campus-Based Mentor:

• Submit the Independent Contractor form and W-9 to CTE@LT.UNT.EDU as soon as you accept the role of mentor.

• Meet regularly with the CTE intern to answer questions and give feedback.

• Share materials, techniques, and helpful hints on a regular basis.

• Become aware of the internship assignments that the intern will be expected to complete.


Contact the ATTD Office (940.565.2057 or CTE@LT.UNT.EDU) if you have questions or comments about Internship or Mentorship.