What is the purpose of the instructional internship?

The instructional internship is a two-semester sequence. You will select a mentor to assist you in completing the requirements for your certification and to help you with the transition from an industry worker to a CTE teacher. Your campus mentor will be paid a stipend for his or her services as your mentor. This stipend is included in the program fees and there will be no additional cost to you. Your campus mentor will be working with you, as well as a university coach and a university supervisor, in assisting you in your first year of teaching.


Can you give an example of the relationship between what takes place in the certification courses and the instructional internship?

Yes, for example, in the Instructional Design course you will be asked to modify several of the lessons that are in the curriculum to better "match" your students. You will place these lessons in your electronic portfolio. When enrolled in the Instructional Internship you will be asked to teach one or more of these modified lessons. Additionally, your mentor will be asked to critique your instructional skills during the lessons.


How is my campus-based mentor selected?

You will be actively involved in the selection of your campus-based mentor. When possible, your campus-based mentor will be another CTE teacher. If another CTE teacher is not available, we will look to you and your school administrator to help identify an instructor in the school who can serve as your campus-based mentor.


I am a certified science teacher in the state of Texas. What requirements must I complete in order to qualify for Health Science Education certification?

Since you are a certified teacher in the state of Texas, your requirements for HSE certification are a little different. You would need to enroll in LTEC 5140 (Work-based Learning), attend the Summer Professional Development Conference and the Fall Leadership Conference, complete the HSE TExES self-study materials, participate in the HSE TExES review session and pass the HSE TExES exam. You will not need to take another PPR TExES exam.


It is my understanding that the coursework associated with CTE certification is 100% online. Is that correct?

Yes, all coursework associated with CTE teacher certification is 100% online. You will only be required to attend the PPR TExES and HSE.


Are there any review sessions for the PPR TExES and HSE TExES examinations?

Yes, there is one required review session for the PPR TExES examination and one required review session for the HSE TExES examination.


What happens once the application has been received?

First, the applicant's work experience and coursework will be evaluated. An unofficial Career Development Plan worksheet will be completed and sent to the Student Advising Office. During periods of high demand, this may take 4-6 weeks.

Second, the Student Advising Office verifies the application and processes an Official Career Development Plan. The official Career Development Plan is mailed directly to the applicant once the process is complete. The Official Career Development Plan will be completed approximately 6-8 weeks from the time that all necessary paperwork is received. During periods of high demand, it may take longer.


How do I apply for certification upon completion of the CTE program components?

Upon your completion of all the requirements listed on your Career Development Plan you are eligible to apply for your teaching certificate. You will contact the Student Advising Office and supply the documents necessary to demonstrate completion of your Career Development Plan requirements. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping track of certification activities, classes and required paperwork.

The Student Advising Office will verify your completion of the necessary requirements for you certification application. They will then forward a "Recommendation for Certification" to The State Board for Educator Certification for their approval. 

TEA will review the Certification Officer's recommendation and make the final decision on issuing your certification. This is a five year renewable certificate.


Who can I contact with questions about my certification application?

University of North Texas
Jill Denniston
College of Education Student Advising Office
Matthews Hall 105
P.O. Box 311337
Denton, Texas 76203-1337
E-mail: Jill.Denniston@unt.edu