Certification Components

To complete your CTE certification in all three certification areas, you will need to complete the required coursework, an instructional internship, and a review and practice exam.


  1. Completion of the following UNT certification courses:
    • LTEC 4110/LTEC 5110 (Designing Instruction in Career and Technical Education [CTE])*
    • LTEC 4120/LTEC 5120 (Instructional Strategies in CTE)*
    • LTEC 4130/LTEC 5130 (Professional Roles and Management in CTE)*
    • LTEC 4140/LTEC 5140 (Work-based Learning in CTE)*
    • LTEC 4740/LTEC 6701 (Instructional Internship - Must enroll in both the fall and spring semesters)
    • Completion of ATTD 5900 - Special Problems. This course prepares students for Domains I-IV of the TExES examinations.

For LTEC  courses, refer to the LTEC  schedule of classes for a list of course availability.

* Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) courses


Instructional Internship

Once you have accepted a teaching position, you must enroll in your Instructional Internship (LTEC 4740/LTEC 6701) course. The Instructional Internship courses are offered only during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Instructional Internship is very much like a "student teaching" experience except that you will be the "instructor of record" teaching in your classroom. We will work with you to select a campus-based mentor. A university supervisor will oversee your first year of teaching.

You should be able to complete your required certification courses in one year


You will need to purchase a Tk20 account.  

TExES Exams

Completion of TExES PPR Review and Practice Exam for your program (Instructions). For more information on taking the TExES exam, visit the ETS Web site.


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